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The Bull Pre

Sabria-Audio® | Bull Pre

Black & Sonic

Sabria-Audio® | Bull Pre

The new Bull Pre is a Mic Preamp | Hi-Z INst. | DI Box with high-end electronics engineering.

Made for recording studios, home-studios & live conditions, this pro-audio hardware preamp is made with no-compromise about sound and hardware conception.

Bull Pre-sentation

Dynamics & Headroom

The Bull Pre is a Mic | Hi-Z INst. | DI Box with a high-end electronics engineering. 
This pro-audio hardware Mic Preamp is made with no-compromise about sound and permits a real versatility. All types of sound are fully revealed: microphones, guitars, synths & many more sound sources with sharpness and warmth. All we want.

We can talk about the "Bull sound"

60dB Gain

Pro-Audio Hardware

The Bull Pre takes its place in all hands, from an hobbyist till sound engineers in a professional recording studio .
The rear face of the Bull Pre: Microphone input, Hi-Z Thru, balanced 600 ohms output and ground lift & +4dBu/-10dBv switchable level.

Pro-standard | Coherent audio path

Output +4dBu | -10dBv

Bull Pre | Pro Tips Preamp

Easy Gain Adjust

The red led's blinking ? You obtain the nominal +4dBu gain. Simple !

On top of that, the Bull electronics withstands much more without damaging the bandwith.

Electronics Conception

Hi-quality components
Shortened audio path
Analog switching

The Bull Pre electronic circuitry is a real deal, with a very special care for every detail.

Bull Pre Functions

Phantom power

All condenser microphones* needs to be powered with a +48v via balanced cables.

* Some microphones have their own power supply, so don't forget to read your microphone manufacturer recommandations.

Pad -20dB

This gain attenuator of 20dB is to prevent loud inputs from overloading and damage the signal.

Hipass Filter 80Hz

Very useful function to avoid the rumble below a cutoff frequency of 80Hz.

Phase inversion

Flipping polarity is necessary to avoid two sources to cancel each other out.

The perfect Mic, Guitar, Bass, Synths DI Box & Hi-Z link

The basic principle of a DI Box is to converting audio from a high-impedance, unbalanced instrument level connection to a low-impedance, balanced mic-level signal. In this aspect, the Bull Pre Mic Preamp makes it naturally but passing thru its fantastic circuitry and optimizing very precisely the symmetry of the signal at the end.
The Hi-Z Link is a reproduction of the Hi-Z front input audio source to feed directly your amps, tuner, mixer, etc. increasing the working or creating process. Your guitar, effects, bass or any synths will reveal more than ever its personality.

Handcrafted & Designed by Sabria-Audio ®

Robust Design

Bring your Bull sound on gig, on stage, on your desk, everywhere.

The Bull design mades it easily portable and protects all pot, switches & connectors.

Preamps Audio Interface - Sabria-Audio®

Steel Aluminium

Made to last
Three-Year Warranty

Dimensions (mm)
192(d) x 250(w) x 128(h)
2.1 kgs

Made for all music makers

Vocals | Microphones | Strings | Amps | AD Converters | Synthesis | Brass | Electric Pianos & Organs

Microphones Impedance Ouptut Levels - Sabria-Audio®
Hi-Z Instruments Active Vs Passive - Sabria-Audio®

Create & Re-Create
with the Bull Pre.


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