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Two-channels of accurate & versatile sound

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Sabria-Audio® | Dual Pre

The Dual Pre is a two-channels preamp and if we had to summarize it in a few words, it would be:
Precise, transparent & pure... on the full audio spectrum.

All the signal path is processed with optimal accuracy and reveal all the natural skills of your sound sources whether it’s for microphones or hi-z instruments, with a specific versatility.

Dual Pre | Dual reason to make it yours. | Sabria-Audio®

Sabria-Audio® | Dual Pre

Sound characteristics

As a two-channels preamp and its high definition sound, the Dual Pre is a contribution to any musician or sound engineer who’s looking for pure, matched & musical recordings. It's sound is sharp, very dynamic. Soulful.

Sabria-Audio® | Dual Pre

Made for all music makers

Vocals | Microphones | Strings | Amps | AD Converters | Synthesis | Brass | Electric Pianos & Organs

Back Hotspots

Hi-Z Instrument Input Ch.1
Asymetric 6,35mm jack
Neutrik connector

Input Selector Ch.1
Mic / Hi-Z Inst.
Phantom power +48V

Gain Potentiometer Ch.1

Led Bargraph 4-segments
Power Led
Gain Potentiometer Ch.2
Led bargraph 4-segments
Phase Reverse 180°
Attenuator -20dB
Hipass Filter
80Hz Ch.1

Input Selector Ch.2
Mic / Hi-Z Inst.

Phantom power +48V
Hi-Z Instrument Input Ch.2
Asymetric 6,35mm jack
Neutrik connector
Phase Reverse 180°
Attenuator -20dB
Hipass Filter
80Hz Ch.2

Front Hotspots

Hi-Z Instrument Input
Asymetric 6,35mm jack
Neutrik connector
Microphone Input
4.2K Impedance
Neutrik connector
Input Selector 3-pos switch
Mic-Hi-Z Inst.-Line
Bargraph 4-leds level indicator
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Designed & handcrafted by Sabria-Audio®

Made to last
Adapted to studio & live conditions
Steel | Aluminium
No plastics
Three-years warranty

Rackable with the P-Rack One or P-Rack Two mounting kits.

The P-Rack One mounting kit is for one preamp unit and the P-Rack Two... You got it !

Sabria-Audio® | Dual Pre Rack

If you need a complete 4-channels of Dual sound , you may also like the Dual Studio Pack bundle offer.

Let's begin the sonic experience

To improve your sound & recordings, you deserve one of the best 2-channels preamp with an fair price:  1290€

Dual Pre

Price: 1150€

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Free shipping in Europe *

* This offer is time-limited till the Sept. 1st, 2024

Dual Pre Mic Hi-Z Inst DI Box Preamp - Sabria-Audio®

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